Our Mandolé Orchard Family

Our Mandolé Family are all leaders in their fields, creators and visionary forces whose passion constantly inspires us and our valued customers. They are advocates for quality, healthy, sustainable, Australian produce and recognise Mandolé Orchard as a genuine artisan in this space.

“Many people in our modern world are either lactose intolerant or have an allergy to milk products. An excellent alternative is Almond Milk. I have recently tried Mandolé Orchard Almond Milk and was surprised by its pleasant taste and would certainly encourage anyone who cannot tolerate normal milk, or for other reasons would prefer to avoid dairy, to consider using this product.” Dr Ross Walker.


Dr Ross Walker graduated from the University of New South Wales in 1979 and commenced specialist training in cardiology. After several years in private practice, Dr Walker opened the Baringa Cardiology Centre in Coffs Harbour. He has since been appointed to the Sydney Adventist Hospital, housing the largest cardiology department in NSW, where he provides a comprehensive service in Echocardiology.


Dr Walker places a particular emphasis on preventative cardiology and works to raise public awareness of heart health. He is the author of several books, including the best seller “Diets Don’t Work”, and lectures extensively on preventative health topics such as “How to Discover Perfect Sleep” and “The Five Point Way to a Healthy Life”. Dr Walker contributes regularly to medical journals and publications, and has appeared on a variety of television programs locally and internationally, as well as hosting regular segments on three radio stations. He has collaborated with international leaders in public health education, such as Dr Robert Atkins and Dr Dean Ornish.


Not only a leading cardiologist, Dr Walker is also a professional speaker, presenting at business conventions and retreats. His unique approach to health education entails active patient participation as well as an informed and positive approach. His skills in teaching and communication have made him a highly sought-after speaker around the world.