Welcome to our Spring Memo

23 Nov 2022

A first in a new series of communication sharing with you, our valued customers, a closer look into our single origin homegrown brand, our family and special team, our orchard, products, and sustainable processes.

Unique to Mandolé Orchard is blossom season, spanning from early August to early September. This enchanting period marks the onset of Spring with the bustling activity of bees and is when our delicious almonds begin their formation.


The Buzz of the Bees

At Mandolé Orchard, the blossom season is not just stunning; it's a symphony of nature's collaboration between the bees and the trees. During this period, which aligns with the arrival of spring, the almond trees burst into bloom and the orchard becomes a hub of activity for bees. 


These industrious pollinators engage in cross-pollination among various almond tree varieties, igniting a chain reaction that breathes life into the almond buds. This interdependence between the blossoms and the bees isn't just luck, it's a well-coordinated collaboration that ensures the growth of almonds and the vitality of local agriculture.


Crucial Role of Bees

Beyond their role in pollination, the bees at Mandolé Orchard are very important to the local ecosystem. Our partnership with experienced local beekeepers acknowledges the significance of bees in both almond growth and the broader environment. These dedicated beekeepers understand the crucial role that bees play and work diligently to support the local bee population, recognising the ripple effects of their actions on the entire ecosystem.


Almond Blossom and Bees

The almond blossom isn't just a treat for the eyes; it's a lifeline for honeybees, especially during the honey-producing season. As almond trees burst into full bloom, bees feast on nutrient-rich pollen, which serves as their primary source of sustenance. This nourishment propels the bees into a phase of heightened activity, benefiting not only their hives but also the ecosystem as a whole. Almond pollen, rich in amino acids, strengthens bee hives and empowers them for effective pollination.


Give and Take

The partnership between almond orchards and bees goes beyond pollination. Almonds, valued for their nutritional content, offer sustenance to both bees and humans. Fortified by the nutrients from almond pollen, honeybee hives embark on pollination journeys, benefiting crops such as canola, oranges, and cherries. This cycle culminates in honey production, sustaining both the hives and our tables with its sweetness.


Supporting the Ecosystem

Mandolé Orchard's commitment to sustainability extends to the surrounding hills, which are home to native vegetation supporting the local flora and fauna. This thriving ecosystem enhances the quality of the almonds by fostering the honeybees responsible for their pollination.


Tootie's Gluten-Free Berry Almond Milk Cheesecake

To celebrate the vibrancy of spring and the blossoming season, indulge in Tootie’s sweet creation, her Gluten-Free Berry Almond Milk Cheesecake. This cheesecake recipe harmoniously blends the wholesome goodness of almonds with a burst of flavour from delicious, fresh berries, paying tribute to the spirit of spring.